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You Have Been Hacked!
All You Corrupt Governments Of All Countries and Nations breed political violence. The real danger is that an abusive government can elicit violent responses, including religious extremism, putting the survival of the people at risk. ".
Your corruption threatens global security. These corrupt nations or failed states, make you organized crime, and less for social services to the people in the World. The corruption of the Leaders of these nations is crying out to be investigated. The control freaks we keep voting into office seem to have an obsession with running every detail of our lives.
This is a clear violation of the people, in any country. The message is quite clear we will not tolerate any more corruption. Also, we will not be victims of this corruption, any longer..
his corruption is one thing which can only destroy the economy policies, education, religious beliefs. and mostly freedom..
Hacked By yousefjafar04 >
Greeting: zeynnymouz, Hacker Hebron, All Muslims